Sharon Paddock

Thai Yoga Bodyworker 

Prannothan Yoga Teacher 

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What are the

health benefits

of Thai massage?

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THAI YOGA BODYWORK IS an ancient mode of healing with Buddhist roots. Sharon's relaxing, gentle style of Thai yoga bodywork combines restorative yoga with compression, gentle stretching and traction techniques that allow you to totally relax and relieve muscle tension and pain. The goal is helping you feel better in your body.


BENEFITS  INCLUDE  improved circulation, boosted immune system, reduced muscle tension, reduced mental and emotional stress and improved range of motion. You will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

PLEASE WEAR yoga or comfy/stretchy workout clothing - long pants/long sleeves & fresh socks for your session. Avoid wearing scented products such as perfume or cologne, thank you!


INFRARED HEAT TREATMENT adds therapeutic benefits of Biomat infrared and negative ions to your Thai bodywork session. Far infrared light provides a deep-heat therapy, stimulating circulation, relaxing the muscles and relieving pain. Negative ions, which occur in high concentration near waterfalls and in forests, are air purifying and have have beneficial effects on mood and anxiety.


INTIMATE STUDIO space is air conditioned, painted in layers of sunflower and saffron, created with the intention to invite you in to a sanctuary that soothes the senses with color, soft lighting, essential oil scents and vibrational healing sounds, where one can relax, let go and allow healing. 

Parking Lot & Entrance at back porch. Look for the orange chairs!