Yoga Wellness Bodywork is a wellness studio space shared by a small community of independent practitioners creating their own healing experience with their clients and students.


Studio owner, Sharon Paddock, a Thai yoga bodyworker and yoga teacher, created the Yoga Wellness Bodywork studio as sacred place of healing for her Thai yoga bodywork clients and private yoga students with the idea of sharing the space as a collective with other independent wellness practitioners. 


The intimate studio space, located in the Hamlet of Gardiner, NY, is painted in layers of sunflower and saffron, created with the intention to invite you in, like a a sanctuary that soothes the senses with color, soft lighting, essential oil scents and vibrational healing sounds intended to enhance the feeling of peace, where one can relax, let go and allow healing. 


Sharon’s relaxing, gentle style of Thai yoga bodywork combines restorative yoga with compression, joint mobilization, stretching and traction, and incorporates far-infrared heat treatment during sessions, in a climate controlled space, with the light breeze of an overhead fan. Sharon schedules with clients at the studio by appointment.


Yoga and meditation teacher Jen DeYoung offers Vinyasa Yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:00 pm, ongoing.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Wellness Advisor and Chef, Robby Lawrence, of Robby’s Health & Wellness schedules consultations with clients at the studio by appointment.


 Back Porch Entrance & Parking