Rates: 1 - hour $75      1-1/2 - hour $100      2-hr $125

by appointment

  • THAI YOGA BODYWORK IS an ancient mode of healing that combines pressure, stroke, reflexology, joint mobilization, stretching and traction techniques with assisted and restorative yoga. in a state of total relaxation. The goal is helping you feel better in your body.


  • BENEFITS  INCLUDE  improved circulation, boosted immune system, reduced muscle tension, mental and emotional stress and improved range of motion. I will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

  • At Yoga Wellness Bodywork, Thai bodywork is given on a comfortably cushioned therapeutic heated mat, utilizing restorative yoga props to maintain alignment and comfort during the session. 

  • PLEASE Wear yoga or comfy/stretchy workout clothing for your bodywork session. Long pants/sleeves work best. It is a good idea to bring a bottle of water, just as if you are going to a yoga class. 

  • Far infrared deep heat treatment adds therapeutic benefits to your Thai bodywork session. Far infrared light provides a deep-heat therapy, stimulating circulation, relaxing the muscles and relieving pain. Negative ions, which occur in high concentration near waterfalls and in forests, are air purifying and have have beneficial effects on mood and anxiety. 

sliding scale available

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