Sharon Paddock

Thai Yoga Bodyworker, Prannothan Yoga Teacher

(854) 275-0330

A Thai Yoga Bodyworker, Sharon Paddock studied with Ed Cardinal of Sol Wellness and pursues ongoing training to learn new methods and techniques.


A student of yoga for more than 20 years, Sharon Paddock found Thai yoga bodywork and restorative yoga on her own journey to wellness, seeking help with "autoimmune arthritis" that flared after treatment for Lyme. 

Sharon is a 200 hour Prannothan Yoga Teacher and studied in the Kripalu Lineage at the Prannothan Yoga School with Devarshi Steven Hartman at All That Matters Yoga & Holistic Health Center, Wakefield, RI, with additional trainings in Restorative Yoga, Partner Yoga and Yoga as Medicine. 

Sharon sees private yoga clients and also helps her bodywork clients learn what yoga poses to work on as a home practice to assist them in feeling well in their body.


A yoga class with Sharon is designed and modified for the individual, with slow, gentle assisted transitions. Learn how to listen to your body with yoga, use pranayama yoga breathwork and create a home yoga and mindfulness practice of your own. Private yoga sessions may include restorative modifications, yoga assists, some Thai bodywork techniques and guided savasana relaxation.

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