Yoga Wellness Bodywork

COVID Protocol




  • Shower prior to and following each session

  • Wear long pants, long sleeved shirt (stretchy/comfy) and fresh socks for session

  • Have water bottle in your car to hydrate before and after your session

  • Wait in parking area until scheduled appointment time,

  • Bring only phone/keys & form of payment into studio, please
  • Wear face mask at all times

  • Upon entering remove shoes, sanitize hands & have temperature taken (touch free)

  • Answer covid related questions regarding health and recent travel

  • Limit time spent in studio after session




  • Limited scheduling, allowing minimum of 1 hour between sessions

  • By appointment only 

  • Face mask required 

  • Hands-free payment options 

  • Hand sanitizer and disposable masks available

  • Linens removed & common surfaces cleaned/disinfected following each session

  • Clean studio remains empty for 1 hour between clients

  • Fresh linens set up just prior to client arrival

  • COVID tested bi-weekly

  • Shower/fresh change of clothes prior to and following each bodywork session

  • Remove shoes, sanitize hands upon entering, temperature taken

Thank you for kindly agreeing to and following the studio protocol as well as practicing social distancing.

Parking Lot & Entrance at back porch. Look for the orange chairs!